Plant Care Inquiries

Do you have a sad plant in need of help? With our input, you can get your green friend on the road to recovery in no time!

Fill out the form below by checking off the symptoms of your plant. We will provide suggestions for plant assistance via email once we have received your submission.

Wet/ water-logged soil
Dry/ hydrophobic soil
Unpleasant odor
Sad/ droopy leaves
Wilted foliage
Crispy leaf tips / foliage
Yellow discolouration
Brown discolouration
Losing leaves
Leggy / stretched out
Mold / Mildew
Unknown pests
Spider Mites
Fungus Gnats
Not sure if light requirements are being met
Not sure if watering requirements are being met
Not sure if my plant needs to be repotted
Not sure what soil type is best
Not sure if this plant is toxic to pets or humans
Not sure how to fertilize
Not sure if I need to/ can prune this plant
Not sure if this plant can be propagated

Additional details, questions, comments