Plant Care 101

Air Plant Care:

Like most houseplants, air plants require varying amounts of care, depending on the environment you place them in. Avoid drafts and dramatic fluctuation in temperatures.  

Sunlight Requirements: Air plants thrive in southern and eastern sun exposure. They enjoy bright, indirect light. They also prefer warm spaces but can scorch easily.

Water Requirements: Air plants like humid environments, but regular misting can supplement when they are placed in less humid conditions. In the summer, mist once to twice daily; in the winter, once to twice weekly. Alternatively, soak your air plant in room temperature water (preferably low-lime water or rain water) every few weeks for no more than half an hour. Remove your plant from the water bath, gently shake off excess droplets, and place it upside down on a dry towel in a bright space. Your plant should air dry within a couple hours. Be mindful that if you soak the plant for too long it will become oversaturated and could rot. Soak less frequently during fall and winter.

The Life Cycle of An Air Plant: Air plants are monocarpic, meaning they bloom at the peak of their lifecycle. The beautiful display of often brightly coloured, long-lasting flowers is the indication that the plant will soon start to die. Luckily, they also begin to produce pups at this time. Pups are mini offshoots that will eventually grow into full-sized plants, living the same lifecycle as their mother plant.  


Tropical Plant Care:

Sunlight Requirements: Most plants are happy with eastern sunlight exposure. Tropicals, however, can adapt to northern facing windows.

Water Requirements: Many tropicals only need to be watered once the top inch or so of soil feels dry to the touch. Avoid drafts and dramatic changes in temperature.

Some tropicals are shade-lovers and low-light tolerant. It’s helpful to imagine where you would find your plant in nature. For example, ferns can be found shrouded under a tree canopy in a humid rainforest. Try placing yours in your bathroom!


Sunlight Requirements: Eastern sunlight exposure is universally appealing to plants. However, succulents tend to thrive in southern light, or warm bright western sunlight. Be cautious of too much direct sun exposure as succulents can scorch.

Watering Requirements: Ensure quick-draining soil is used for succulents and cacti. Allow soil to dry out anywhere from two thirds to completely dry between watering. Cacti and succulents store water and can last weeks with minimal water. Air on the side of under watering, as opposed to overwatering. Recovering these kinds of plants from too much moisture is far more difficult than a plant that has been slightly neglected.