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Plant Care 101

Your number one stop for a quick-glance overview of plant care basics. Learn how to water tropicals, what sunlight is best for cacti and succulents, and about the life cycle of air plants.

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Plant Buying Guide

Know your plant: Most nurseries and greenhouses will have proper labels on their plants whereas superstores and alike might not. Here's what to look out for...

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Acclimating Plants

As a general rule of thumb, your latest addition can take about 2 weeks to adjust to its new home. Here are some helpful tips to take into consideration when relocating your plants.

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Plant Staging

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Is Plant Staging right for your space?

If you're looking for greenery, Robyn has a wide range of plants suitable for any room. She has the knowledge to help you maintain them and we're thrilled Flora and Fern made her first appearance at Pine!

Kendall: Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique

I wanted plants in my store but didn't know what to get. Robyn picked low maintenance plants that worked for my space and watering schedule. It's been over a year and they're still alive!

Russ: Sour Cat Records

My office space was bland and to make it enjoyable I wanted some plants. I had a mixture of direct sunlight and low light. Flora and Fern guided me to choose the right plants for my space.

Megan: Rezerobiz

Pine Eco + Refillery: Gallery Staging

Rezerobiz: Office Staging